War over Vice President Shettima’s N15billion residence


Over his remarks on plans to spend N15 billion on Vice President Kashim Shettima’s residence, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike yesterday slammed the Labour Party’s (LP) 2023 presidential candidate.

After reviewing the project, the minister had promised to finish the accommodation that had been started by the Goodluck Jonathan administration, according to the Daily Sun.


He stated that the contractor’s demand to increase the contract amount from N7 billion to N15 billion due to increasing material costs was met with unwavering determination by President Bola Tinubu’s administration.


Having already had President Tinubu’s and Vice President Kashim Shettima’s OK, he pledged to release the necessary cash before December to guarantee its completion.


During our previous visit, you assured us that the project might be finished within the next eight months.


I know you still have faith in us, so I’ll promise you that we’ll rally you before December, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Then, before May 29, 2024, you must hasten to finish this.


“Give it your all so we can accomplish this; make tales of abandoned projects obsolete,” Wike admonished.


In a string of tweets posted using his X name, Obi slammed the idea, calling it “shocking and disheartening” in light of the several critical issues confronting Nigeria.


Leaders who are compassionate and prepared to give a little more for the greater good are what we need. On our path to the New Nigeria, we must have leaders like them, who are both caring and economical.


He couldn’t help but wonder if the nation was in trouble.


But Shettima wasted no time getting back to Obi and making fun of him.


Accusing Obi of dancing “naked in the public square, trying to curry the attention of those who care to listen to his falsehood and warped opinions about waste,” his media aide Stanley Nkwocha made the accusation in a statement.


Wike continued the story by claiming that, despite finishing in third place in the 2023 presidential elections, Obi was still convinced that he had won.


The resurfacing of roadways in the Asokoro District of the Federal Capital Territory was flagged off by Wike.


He claimed that those who were unsuccessful in the polls, like Obi, were too busy trying to inflame emotions to praise President Tinubu’s administration.


The public deserves better than claims, extortion, and falsehoods like the ones made by those who claimed to have won elections when they never actually did. Instead, they should express their gratitude to the administration.


Through the electorates, Nigerians are aware of who has won elections. Let the people of Nigeria keep spreading falsehoods; they are well aware of the people who used social media to win the election.


According to Wike, the demonstrators would not divert his attention. “On Wednesday, somebody informed me that there were some individuals who were carrying placards,” he stated. To be honest, I was too busy to even notice that. I prefer not to be interrupted. We need to stay focused so that we can fulfil the mandate that Tinubu has given us.


Here we are in a democracy, after all, and everyone has the right to their own views. What matters, though, is that your views align with what is beneficial for the FCT citizens.


We will not get different results if we keep doing things the same way. Making tough decisions is an important part of being a leader, and we have done just that to ensure that the American people are satisfied with the current government.


We have decided to follow President Bola Tinubu’s directive and do what is best for the people.


The policies you establish may not be in everyone’s best interest, but the big picture is what matters, not a select few who get rich off the backs of the others. People will fight you tooth and nail whenever you propose a policy that will cause them to change. Those who stand to gain will fight it. But when you zero in on a problem, they can’t help but conform to official policy.


It concluded yesterday, so there’s no need to stress over the folks who were paid. A lot of people are demonstrating, but no one should be concerned about it because if they don’t, someone else will. Everyone needs a job.


With Mr. President’s backing, we have accomplished this in the past several months, and we can confidently inform the Nigerian people about it. With God’s help, Nigerians would be able to watch Tinubu’s work in the FCT during his first year in office. We are committed to that. The accomplishments of the FCT will be unveiled by May 29, 2024.


“Funding is a requirement for awarding any contract. We risk losing the contract if we can’t pay for it.


The administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu deserves praise from the people of Nigeria. All the contractors had already left when we arrived, proving how quickly Nigerians forget. All of the contractors have made it back to the site today. The government is never-ending, therefore we should do our best to complete all the projects that were given to us—or at least 80 percent of them.


This project has been abandoned, along with others that were granted in 2001, 2010, and 2015. Are you assuming that we will just drop the projects?


There should be no abandonment of the Vice President’s building, even if he has no plans to utilise it—the structure will cost N15 billion. State heads who are visiting can utilise it.


We didn’t give out that contract; it was given out in 2010, and we decided to keep working on it because it was in line with our strategy of not abandoning other initiatives. In 2001, it was granted the Millennium Centre. We were compelled to see it through to completion after seeing its abandoned state.


The initiative is inefficient and insensitive, according to LP, regardless of his explanations.


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