Activist tells Tinubu, Spend $150m Abacha loot on N’Delta,


Ozobo Austin, a rights activist from the Niger Delta, has urged President Bola Tinubu to use the $150 million plunder from General Sani Abacha to improve critical infrastructures in the region, stating that “the money is part of the Niger Delta oil funds that Abacha is stealing.”

“Only the Niger Delta should benefit from the funds; it would be unjust for the Nigerian government not to appropriate the funds for the development of the Niger Delta region,” Ozobo maintained in a statement released on Wednesday.

“It would be erroneous for anyone to assert falsely that the funds belong to the Nigerian government on the grounds that they were obtained from the sale of crude oil in the Niger Delta,” he continued.

“Admiring the fact that oil deposits were exclusively located in the Niger Delta region and constituted the exclusive source of revenue for Nigeria under the Abacha regime, it is accurate to assert that the funds belong to the Niger Delta people and not the Nigerian government.”

According to The PUNCH, the French government declared its intention to return the $150 million plunder from Abacha to Nigeria on Friday.

Catherine Colonna, the visiting French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, disclosed this information in Abuja. She stated that she had informed President Tinubu of the intended return of the confiscated funds.

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