DNA reveals all my 4 children belong to another father – Man cries out


Kolawole Olanrewaju, a resident of Ikire, Osun State, claims to have discovered that the four children he believed he shared with his wife, Toyin Olanrewaju, are in fact the property of another individual, almost seventeen years after their wedding.

According to Daily Trust, he stated that a DNA test performed at the DDC DNA Diagnostic Centre in Ibadan, Oyo State, on the four children aged 16, 12, 8, and 5 returned negative, indicating he is not their biological father.

Kolawole, who disclosed the information yesterday in Yoruba on Agidigbo FM in Ibadan, Oyo State, stated that he and Toyin, whom he accused of illicit affairs, had been embroiled in an ongoing dispute.

He declared, “I am in need of assistance from Nigerians.” I desire justice. Since our 2007 wedding, Toyin has been the mother of four children. A DNA test subsequently revealed that none of the four offspring were mine. She has been unfaithful to me. We quarrel frequently due to her disobedience.

“She owns real estate, and each time I reprimanded her for committing adultery, she would merely assert that it was inevitable.” I failed to comprehend her intention to relocate to her site immediately upon its completion, which would afford her considerable flexibility.

“The previous year, she expressed interest in hiring a housekeeper. Although I suggested she hire a male, she persisted on hiring a female. I had left for work one day, and upon my return she had already departed.

After much deliberation, Kolawole stated he made the decision to divorce Toyin; however, he had the idea to conduct a DNA test on their children during that time.

“I performed one for our first child, and the result indicated that our blood was completely incompatible.” As I was departing her residence after transporting the child there, I overheard her say to someone on the phone, “They have brought your child; please come pick him up.”

“She was instructed by the man on the other end of the queue to transport the child to Osogbo,” “Because of this, I decided to conduct DNA testing on the three remaining children; to my dismay, none of them are mine,” he continued.

On the contrary, Toyin disregarded the DNA findings and maintained that the children were indeed Kolawole’s.

“I cannot accept those outcomes.” As I was not present during sample collection, I am unaware of the specific samples that were obtained. Those results are unacceptable to me because I am aware of how I became pregnant. “The individual who confirmed to my (first) child that he is the father has yet to verify the outcome,” she continued.

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