36 Nigerians deported from Sweden with Love.


Thirty-six Nigerian migrants were returned to Lagos, Nigeria after being deported from Sweden.

The migrants were met yesterday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja by authorities of the National Commission for Refugees Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI), reported The Nation.


IRARA provided the returnees with a stipend of N158,000 and dignity kits containing diapers, toothpaste, clothes, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers, lotions, and bags.


International Assistance for Returning Citizens (IRARC) helped make their homecoming possible.


Normally, they would have been notified and told that their visa had expired or that they had overstayed,” said Ambassador Catherine Udida, the commission’s Director of Migrant Affairs, in explaining the circumstances behind the deportation of the returnees.


They would have been told to leave, and if after one or two opportunities to return they still chose not to, the government would begin the deportation procedure since this is not the same as with voluntary returnees.


She addressed the fate of the deportees by saying, “We have profiled them and identified those who are vulnerable.” We will take them to a hotel for a few days to help them get to the bottom of their problems, and then we will follow up with recommendations.


“We will also send them to the different shelters we have and keep counselling them to embrace the reality that they are back home, and they have opportunity to start their lives.


If they came freely, they would be eligible for a plan to help them make a living while they learn new skills. However, as a government, we have a responsibility to ease their transition back into society after deportation.


Therefore, we often keep them for two weeks and occasionally for an entire year. We will make sure they have access to resources for making a living, regardless of whether they were deported.


Roland Nwoha, IRARA’s country director, offered a possible explanation for the deportation: the individual neglected to renew their residency visa before it expired.


For various immigration-related reasons, these people are Nigerians who have been requested to leave Sweden.


Our mission at IRARA is to provide a smooth landing for returning Nigerians. Some were picked up off the street, while others were returned from prison. You may probably guess that returning would be challenging.


What we’re doing is giving them a place to stay, giving them money, and helping them out upon arrival. For some, we will help them to create income-generating activities.


Each person, including children, will receive N158,000.


Some of the migrants may assure you that they have valid residency permits, but a simple check will reveal that these documents have already expired or are going to.


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