NLC President Ajaero fights in the infirmary to preserve his right eye.


At present, medical professionals at the Federal University Teaching Hospital in Owerri are engaged in a critical effort to preserve the vision of Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

According to The PUNCH, yesterday, Ajaero was apprehended by personnel of the Imo State Police Command while he was leading a demonstration in the state.

However, according to the command, he was merely rescued from a throng and placed in protective custody.

A viral video captured Ajaero seated between two men as he was hurried to the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri.

The NLC executive stated in the video that he was without his phone but had a relative employed by FUTHO who he believed could be of assistance.

In the interim, NLC representatives denounced the occurrence as an abhorrent endeavour at murder.

Benson Upah, the head of information and public relations for the NLC, characterised Ajaero’s treatment as an attempted assassination that evolved into an act of abduction.

Upah stated, “At approximately 15:30 this evening, correspondence was established with Joe Ajaero, the president of the Congress, at the Police Hospital in Owerri. From there, Ajaero was transported to the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri, where he is currently undergoing medical treatment.”

“Ajeoro’s right eye was completely closed at the time of contact due to severe brutalization.”

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