BREAKING: Nigeria’s boxer, Jerry Okorodudu is dead •Hospital seizes corpse over unpaid bills



Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Okorodudu, a former Nigerian boxer, has passed away. After being bedridden for weeks due to a foot ulcer, he passed away on Tuesday at a private hospital in Lawanson, Lagos.

Okorodudu’s death was confirmed by his wife, Adenike.

Adenike, however, claims that the hospital will not release her husband’s body until N600,000 is paid off.

“He is dead now but we still need to pay N600,000 to get his body out of the hospital,” Adenike wrote in an email.

Age-wise, he was 64.

The Olympian was reportedly doing better last week after being transferred to the Lawanson hospital from a number of other facilities, most likely due to a lack of financial resources.

Remi Aboderin, president of the West African Boxing Union and secretary general of the Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, also confirmed the Olympian’s death.

That he passed away is true. You called me, and I checked with some people in my office to make sure,” Aboderin said to our correspondent.

I don’t know what to say other than that I’m sorry he died this way. May God bless his soul, he prayed.

Azania Omo-Agege, vice president of the Nigeria Boxing Federation, told our correspondent on Tuesday that he had sent his wife some money to help pay the former boxer’s medical expenses.

On Tuesday, I had already wired them some funds. This is very unfortunate, as I had already sent them N100,000 and we had planned to amputate (his leg) on Friday.

Okorodudu competed for Nigeria in the middleweight division at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

At the Oluyole National Sports Festival in Ibadan in 1979, he won the gold medal.

In 2020, he developed a boil condition that limited his ability to move around. After that, he went to Dans Hospital in Ikorodu, Lagos, where the surgery went well.

However, he deteriorated again after being diagnosed with a foot ulcer and having a stroke.

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