I am now a celebrity, Nigerians should rent a befitting house for me – Vera Anyim (Video)


Miss Vera Anyim, the lady who was embarrassed by Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis Church during a testimony session in Abuja is appealing to Nigerians in a viral video to rent a house that is befitting for her celebrity status.

Vera has claimed she earned a Bsc Law from National Open University during the testimony and this led the senior pastor of the church to walk her out of the podium. Her humiliation by the pastor caused outrage from Nigerians.

Pastor Paul Enenche and his wife later appeared in another video with Vera to say that the matter has been settled.

Vera is now back on social media with another request from Nigerians.

Here is her full message:

I want to say to Nigeria, you know this thing that happen is a things of joy, I never dream of it, it came this moment, I never dream of being a celebrity. It just came all of a sudden. I never prepared for it. I want to use this medium to urge us to assist me in accommodation because I am not buoyant now to rent a house, where I am staying now is risky, insecurity, and it’s an very open place, and due to everybody has already know I am a celebrity.. when I left Abuja some people in my compound don’t know what was happening but I was there and so many of them have heard what was going on. And some have said they are waiting for me, my brother that stays with me told me that people gathered all waiting for me, common man on the street might not understand this, you know they may think I have gone to Port Harcourt and they have given me a much money, they have given me phone worth 1.8m, land, and so on. That is why I am voicing out asking for assistance to unable me get a place I can stay so that my life can be safe. As I’m talking to you, I’m just hiding myself so that people will not come and be misbehaving at my side…So please if there is anyway you can help me for me to get accommodation where I can be secured as a human being, intelligent people know what I am talking about. Things like this I don’t need to move or stay anyhow, if you don’t mind you can assist me, nothing is too small – Anyim Vera

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