Exposed: Numerous married men in Lagos are engaging in homosexual liaisons with other men — Toyin Lawani


Renowned Nigerian celebrity stylist and serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has taken to Instagram to address a pressing issue involving married men engaging in extramarital affairs with other men while projecting affectionate moments with their wives on social media platforms.

Expressing her concerns, Toyin Lawani highlighted the increasing prevalence of homosexual relationships among married men, particularly within the realm of celebrities.

She pointed out that this trend is gaining momentum and indicated that some married women are not only aware of their husbands’ involvement but are also actively concealing these relationships.

She also hinted at the possibility of revealing their identities in the near future.

She wrote:

“Can we talk about how gay men have normalised being married with kids and sleeping with men around? Lagos like, seriously I can’t even get over what I just saw and I see this nigga with his wife forming love on social media and nigga is fucking with my guy, some of your faves are in this table. But why y’all deceiving those innocent women? Damn 2024 dem say no gree for anybody, I beg this year make I talk everything wey I dey see or make I gree It’s becoming very crazy,

“See if you are gay come out and stop deceiving people into marriage, till you have kids with them, Then Disgrace them , But women how can you not know you man moves like that , I believe some of this women even know and are in denial , there’s no way there’s no traits , Imagine you see a married man swinging hands and hips when he walks and acts girly.

“Yet you make excuses for him. Some of these men are even straight and manly sha, Maybe they paid you to have the kids as cover up cause that’s the only excuse I can see. You don’t have to get married an , You can get a surrogate and get your kids , Honestly it’s a shameful act and unfair to the woman . Ladies once a nigga wants to finger your butt hole or go there.

“Check him and RUNNNNNNN OOO 2024 no gree for anybody. Meanwhile I have nothing against being gay , I simply said don’t deceive women into marrying you and having kids with you , Then they later find out and harm themselves, Guys this is not clout, This Shiit is real life shii”

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