Appeal Court sacks 3 governors in opposition parties within 4 days


After Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang was removed from office by the Court of Appeal, many Nigerians accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of working towards a one-party state.

According to Daily Trust, this is the third setback for the opposition in as many days after Mutfwang’s dismissal.


Acting Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman and Ambassador Iliya Damagum sounded the alarm last week, saying that there was a plan to subvert the election results.


During a news conference at the party headquarters, Damagum said that the APC was plotting to “cripple democracy, overthrow the democratic rights of Nigerians, suppress the Rule of Law, and downgrade our nation to a fiefdom run by the whims of a cabal.”


In the March governorship election, PDP candidate Mutfwang received 525,299 votes, while his APC opponent, Nentawe Goshwe, received 481,370 votes.



Goshwe contested the result in court, arguing that Mutfwang had not met the requirements of the Electoral Act by being duly nominated and supported by his party.


The panel found no validity in the case, but Goshwe appealed the decision. On Sunday, an appeals court presided over by Justice Elfrieda Williams-Dawodu ruled that Mutfwang should be removed from office because he had not been properly sponsored by the PDP for election.


On Thursday, the appeal court ousted Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State of PDP, saying that the governorship election in March was inconclusive.


The election of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) candidate Abba Kabir Yusuf as governor of Kano State was overturned the next day by the same court.



Recent court verdicts that have led to the removal of opposition governors have sparked debate in Nigeria, with many citizens pointing fingers at the APC.


Some responses from social media:


Former senator Shehu Sani stated, “The Court of Appeal Judgement against the electoral victory of the Plateau State Governor is unfortunate, unacceptable, and condemnable.” A robbery in broad daylight of the people’s will.The bench is the final nail in the democratic coffin.


For example: “APC can take over all the 36 states if they want,” tweeted @Rabsy_b.


@authentic_malam: To have doubts about judicial decisions is just human. I don’t understand why the ruling APC party always seems to win in court against the opposition. This trend could potentially undermine the country’s political process. ”


According to Twitter user @MikelegofGod: “APC at work oo, they wanna turn Nigeria into a one-party system.”


According to @Okey_Ego_Crypto, “PC has turned Nigeria into something different o.”


As a result of the “APC-owned court sacks Plateau governor,” @Mary_dozie reacted.



This country is being slowly sunk by them, @ErcharuP laments.



In his own reaction, @JayPeeGeneral remarked, “No justice in the courtrooms system anymore! Technicalities have supplanted substance in our judicial system.




After @CheezyCharles asked, “Court sits on Sundays,” the answer was clear.


Miscarriage of justice, @EnergizeBen tweeted; “no law is left in Nigeria anymore.”


It was @timibreaker_35 who said, “APC came to finish Nigeria.”


“APC should actually take it easy,” tweeted TheoAbuAgada. It’s getting on my nerves now.


I just seen this tweet by @Its_ereko: “Dem go still remove Governors for different states place APC. This is a crazy time for the bank accounts of Nigerian judges. Still, Nigerians won’t get up out of bed.


APC is simply clearing everywhere with the assistance of our judges,” tweeted @YundNedu1. If there’s any disagreement, no matter how minor, they’ll just tell you to “go to court”


@leroikris: That the APC has successfully “captured” Nigeria is now obvious.


@Pauly257The character reads, “They have agreed to steal Plateau and divide it among themselves. Division of the APC in Charge of Doling Out Politics”


Tweeted @iam_samedohi: “America’s greatest. The ruling party in Nigeria is consolidating its power.


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