Militants declare war on Gov Diri, PDP over alleged military invasion in Bayelsa during Election


Following the purported destruction of the group’s camp in the Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa State, the Niger Delta militant group Force of Egbesu has declared war on the governor-elect, Sen. Douye Diri, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

According to Sunday Vanguard, the group’s leader, General Gbolodi, released a video and electronic message over the weekend, threatening a showdown with Diri and his loyalists for, among other things, allegedly leading the military to attack and raze his base on the eve of the governorship election without provocation.



The statement reads: “The Gov. Douye Diri-led government in the state invited me few days to the governorship election and handed me two million naira, suggesting that I should use it to hold myself, and also expressing the worry that I would work for the opposition APC. Two million naira is not even close to the amount of money I give to my girlfriends, and I’ve seen a lot of money.


The governor of Bayelsa State, Sen. Douye Diri, deployed military troops in gunboats led by his cronies to my base in the Southern Ijaw local government area and burned it down on Friday, a day before the election, under the same /pretext that I planned to work for the opposition APC. I apologise to anyone I may have offended.


“During the military operation, troops who took part in it stole from me and the people, taking with them three speedboats with a combined horsepower of 200, one with a horsepower of 140, and one with a horsepower of 85. In addition, they stole a variety of items from those living on the base, including cell phones, cash, and fish. In total, they destroyed five homes with fire.



I did nothing to deserve this attack, so I will be paying a surprise visit to those who helped the military get access to my base.


“Well, I’m unfazed, and I have enough power boats here to not worry about them. They came to my house and woke me up, but please don’t think any less of them for it. There will be no quick resolution to the battle that Governor Diri and his supporters have launched.


If Bayelsa State governor, Douye Diri, and his administration do not immediately return all of the property that was illegally taken from me and my people, they will soon be hearing from The Force of Egbesu and General Gbolodi.


Meanwhile, in the video displaying scorching fire and the voice of General Gbolodi, he promised those who he believed are behind the military strike to expect his retaliation in the coming days.




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