Hilda Baci , ” Why My Father Disowned Me “


Hilda Bassey, also known as the Nigerian celebrity chef Hilda Baci, has spoken out about being rejected by her biological father, Effiong Bassey Edem.

During her most recent appearance on the ‘Tea with Tay’ podcast, the Guinness World Record holder revealed this.


When asked about her father, she said that he had been involved in her life since she was a youngster, but that their connection had deteriorated after a major fight between him and her mother.


Hilda said: “For me, I will say one of the main concerns was when he abandoned me. He didn’t abandon me from on set. He was here with us in spirit.


“But it wasn’t until my parents were having problems and I was in my second semester of the 300 level at university that it hit me.


On the day of my matriculation, I recall talking with my father. When I called him to complain that he hadn’t brought me any food, he asked me, “Who’s your dad?”


Years later, I realised he wasn’t fooling around.


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