My gigantic boobs get men crazy – Actress Sarraphina Amaechi


Busty actress Sarraphina Onyekachi Amaechi recently celebrated her birthday, and it was a day of joy and reflection on her life journey.

In this encounter, the ebony beauty confirmed that she knew she was going to be busty, while growing up. She added that it’s not in her power to control how any man will react at the sight of her boobs. She also recalls a day she gifted a female fan N200,000 after she mistakingly inked her lipstick on the fan’s beautiful skin

Birthday wish to myself

To continue to live in good health, complete my ongoing projects and for God to grant us a better Nigeria.

My encounter with a fan

I remember some time ago, I was at Shoprite getting a few things when a girl who walked pass me, suddenly turned around and screamed! “ARA SARAPHINA,” she couldn’t believe she was seeing me in real life. She opened her arms and behold! My face inked on her right arm. She said “today I met my idol in person.” The universe must have been happy with her to have allowed her path to cross with mine. Honestly, I was touched by the way she acted bravely inking my face on her beautiful skin. Luckily, I had some cash with me. So I hugged her tightly and asked my Personal Assistant to give her N200,000 from the cash in my purse. Honestly, that would be the first time a fan went that deep for me.

Story of my journey into Nollywood

It has been a great journey so far, as a producer and actress. Indeed I have seen my good days and bad days as well but I will start with the bad story. There was this particular movie I was working on and after I had finished paying every actor who featured in the movie, we started shooting and then one of the actors took ill, and could not continue the production, after shooting some of his scenes. Sadly, he was playing the lead role, so this really affected the production. In addition, my crew had some issues with the main camera which we were using to shoot the movie. I was faced with two major problems at the same time. But somehow, we got out of the mess. Apart from that, I have enjoyed more good than bad days in Nollywood and each was worth the experience.

On sex tape leakage

In my opinion, anyone can be a victim of blackmail, either by one’s carelessness or some plot by another person to tarnish your dignity. However, it would entirely be the responsibility of actors and actresses to be mindful of who they allow into their private spaces and also, to be wary of the environment they get comfortable in, as they are true ambassadors of our nation and the film industry.

When my boobs embarrassed me in public

That’s not the case anymore as I have embraced my gym classes and timed exercises to maintain a very befitting shape.

Sign that I would be endowed with big boobs

The feeling was undeniable, somehow it’s like I knew what was coming

What men admire most in me; beautiful face or boobs

Both are greatly admired, but somehow, most men get confused at the sight of my gigantic boobs and I won’t entirely say it’s their fault, this is simply God’s blessings. I can’t control how any man will react at the sight of my boobs.

My experience with men making advances to me

It’s been a lovely and funny one too.

Other things I do aside acting

Aside from acting, I am into very exquisite interior and exterior decoration, I can completely turn a trash house into a rich heaven. Also, I supply oil and gas products to many reputable companies. Acting was my first hobby, before it became a career.

How Nollywood has affected my life

Honestly, it has brought me fame including endorsements but most importantly fan base. A powerful and strong family of strangers you don’t even know, yet they show and give you all the love, support and even pray for your good health and well being.

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