Three vigilantes are shot dead in Edo by unknowed gunmen


On Thursday night, unknown assailants in Okhun Community, Ovia North-East Local Government Area, shot and killed three members of the Edo State Security Network.

Over ten criminals, according to witnesses, stormed the neighbourhood and opened fire on law enforcement personnel.


Some community members, City Round learned, believed the ugly incident was related to a power struggle for community control, while others believed it was a cult reprisal.


A member of the ESSN identified only as “commander Small Baba” and wounded on his right hand claimed in a viral video that he narrowly escaped the hoodlum attack.

On this day (Thursday evening), we learned that a group of criminals were randomly firing shots in the Okhun neighbourhood. As soon as we learned of the situation, we went into full action mode.

However, the criminals attacked us. In the process, they took the lives of three of my men. He said, “I, too, was shot by the thugs, but I got away.”

Two people were recently killed in the Okhun community in what started out as a dispute between two rival cults. Ten people have been killed so far in the coordinated attacks.




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