Respect for the Rule of Law is eroding in Nigeria, according to Peter Obi.


Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi warns that Nigeria is “gradually losing one of the biggest intangible assets that make a nation strong, which is respect for the rule of law” in the run-up to the 2023 elections.

Obi wrote, “our dear nation has continued to swing dangerously away from the boundaries of true democracy” on his X handle in honour of today’s International Day of Democracy.


That Nigerians “remind ourselves of the need to work together to build and deepen our nation’s democracy” was something he emphasised.


The former governor of Anambra State urged all Nigerians to maintain their dedication to fostering and strengthening democracy.


The “mindless erosion of the very ideals and tenets on which Nigeria’s democracy was built, if not checked, will only push the nation deeper into lawlessness,” he wrote, describing the current situation in the country.


Corruption, abuse of the constitution, disdain for the rule of law, and transactional politics that permeate the executive, legislative, and judicial branches have long been at odds with the successful implementation of democracy in the United States.


As a result, our “dear nation” has kept veering perilously far from the centre of genuine democracy. Respect for the rule of law, one of the most important intangible assets that makes a nation strong, is eroding slowly but steadily.


I implore every citizen of Nigeria to maintain their dedication to fostering and strengthening the nation’s democracy. I reaffirm my support for reforming Nigeria into a more democratic nation. For me, this fight is about making our society a better place.


“I believe with all my heart that every Nigerian will benefit from the kind of good leadership I am offering to provide, and that is where my vision of a new and truly democratic Nigeria comes from. A brand new and truly democratic Nigeria is POSsible, and we must not give up on our country.


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