Axe-wielding man hacks 100-year-old grandmother to death




A 37-year-old man, identified as Artur B., hacked his 100-year-old grandmother, Amalie G., to death using an axe.


The Incident happened on Monday in Hamburg, Germany, according to a Daily Mail report on Wednesday.


Chief Public Prosecutor Liddy Oechtering told a local news platform, “According to the preliminary autopsy result, it can be assumed that a cervical cord severing caused by sharp and blunt force was the cause of death. The suspected crime is an axe found at the crime scene.”


During a reconstruction of the autopsy, coroners found that one of the blows with the axe was carried out from behind the cervical cord, an area of ​​the spinal cord.


On Tuesday, a judge issued an arrest warrant against Artur B. for manslaughter.


The murder investigators have not yet determined a motive for the crime.


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