Nigerian Church in US distributes 750 turkeys for Thanksgiving celebration


Christ Apostolic Church in New York, under Goke Food Pantry, in light of the thanksgiving celebrations has distributed over 750 turkeys and food items to some families.


Thanksgiving Day, is an annual national holiday on the fourth Thursday of November, in the United States to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year.


Deacon Babatunde Adebiyi, Coordinator, Goke Food Pantry in a statement in Brooklyn, said the church kept the tradition of supporting families for Thanksgiving for over 10 years.


“Today we distributed about 750 turkeys but we wish we could share more. The most important thing is that no one is left empty handed and that makes us happy.


“We appreciate the support of our community partners and Taptap Send and hope to continue serving Brooklyn Community for years to come,” Adebiyi said.


Led by Pastor Timothy Famojuro, the Goke Food Pantry had been operating for over 10 years and serves about 15,000 families every month. This year, the food pantry was able to share over 750 families with turkey and food items to celebrate Thanksgiving.


“We have  been serving the community for over 10 years. We are honored to be able to serve our community here in Brooklyn.


“We often read a lot about Nigerians doing well in the Diaspora that is why it is so important for us to give back to our communities,” the statement quoted Famojuro as saying.



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