Nigerians living abroad contribute more to development than foreign aid and investments – Asue Ighodalo


Edo State Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate, Asue Ighodalo, has asserted that the Nigerian diaspora remains one of the most vibrant in the world and represents a vast reservoir of skill, experience, and capital across the globe.

According to him, Nigerians are making significant contributions to all sectors like medicine, information technology, academia, and finance.

He gave the assertion while speaking at the third annual convention of the Esan Peoples Congress in Austin, Texas, United States of America on Saturday.


Ighodalo, who delivered his speech virtually, commended the participants for their love for the country.

He noted that while “the diaspora has contributed immensely to Nigeria’s socio-economic development through remittances that surpass foreign direct investment and aid, the potential to influence positive political changes remains largely untapped.

He added, “In an era where governance and transparency are at the forefront of our national discourse, your involvement in shaping policy and political dialogue is more crucial than ever.”

While unveiling his vision for the state, Ighodalo declared that,  “Here in our beloved Edo State, the vision I hold for our future is deeply interconnected with the values we admire in our diaspora community.

“My administration’s vision to transform Edo State into a first-world economy is not just an aspiration but a detailed roadmap titled the ‘Pathway to Prosperity for All in Edo.’

“This plan is designed to leverage the very qualities that have made you, our diaspora, successful on the global stage.”

Ighodalo listed the key strategic areas his administration will focus on to include security, economy, innovation and technology, education and skill development, infrastructure development, healthcare reform, and good governance and transparency.

Ighodalo then invited the participants to join him in realising his vision for Edo State.

“Come with me as we embark on this ambitious journey to transform Edo State. Your involvement, inspired by your successes abroad, is not just desired but essential.

“The pathway we envision is paved with the values you uphold, the integrity you embody, and the excellence you pursue,” he concluded.

(Culled from The Punch)

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