Junior Pope : Makeup artist has been buried by the riverside


The makeup artist Abigail Frederick, who drowned in a boat accident, has been buried by the riverside because the family couldn’t afford the money to perform sacrifices.

The makeup artist who drowned with Junior Pope on 10th April 2024 was burned later that night, April 11, 2024, reports Nigerian Tribune.

Abigail was laid to rest at the riverbank, reportedly because her father lacked the funds required to perform the necessary rituals for her body to be transported back home to Akwa Ibom State.

The movie producer Stanley Ontop has revealed that the body of the makeup artist has been recovered and buried.

The body was buried at the riverbank in a small ceremony, due to the lack of funds to take her back to Akwa Ibom.

Movie director Moses Eskor claimed her father could not provide the money needed for some traditional rites to get her body shipped back to her home state.

Although they tried to raise some money, it was not enough.

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