Security expert: Service chiefs and generals ought to remain in Kaduna until the abducted schoolchildren are freed.


President Bola Tinubu has been advised by security expert Bulama Bukarti to station generals and service chiefs at military barracks in Kaduna State until more than 287 schoolchildren who were kidnapped by bandits in Kuriga village, in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, are released.

During his appearance on Channels Television last night, Bukarti stated that the President ought to order senior military officers to go fight the rebels in order to stop these attacks.

“We frequently claim that the Nigerian military is overworked. While I acknowledge that the military is working hard at the moment, there are thousands of generals and military personnel stationed in the barracks.

“If I were President Tinubu, I would send out every single general,

no general will stay in any barracks and no service chief will be deployed in Abuja, all will be deployed to the field and I will give them a deadline, for example, to rescue the current set of boys and girls abducted,” Bukarti said.

He said that it is time the Nigerian government let its Western allies to know that if they would not supply the nation with weapons, they would be classified as enemies of Nigeria.

The security expert said Nigerian cannot be in this situation and its Western allies would be citing flimsy excuses to deny the country weapons needed to fight insurgency.

He also charged the government to flush out corruption from the security and law enforcement expenditure, alleging that corruption is inhibiting the ability of security agencies to respond effectively and motivate the soldiers on the battle field.

Bukarti maintained that Nigerian has the capacity and the wherewithal to bring back the kidnapped school children. He said the country needs to act decisively by deploying ground troops.

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