BREAKING; Peter Obi Gives Breakdown Of Campaign Funds, Calls On Foreign Independent Auditors


His Excellency Peter Obi has rendered an account of the 2023 Obi-Datti Presidential campaign organisation funding.

Obi said:

“For the party (LP), I am a member of the party and they have chosen to say that I am the leader. What we need to do in the party and I have discussed it with the leadership is that we must now appoint a reputable audit firm to audit and be able to deal with the account of the part.

“When I am involved in money, it must be transparent. So the allegations and counter allegations now must be thoroughly investigated and verified and we would reconcile it and know what exactly to do.”

The party disclosed the decision during a press conference at the party secretariat on Wednesday in Abuja.

The National Publicity Secretary of LP, Obiora Ifoh, during the media briefing described Oparah as a mole who was being used by dissidents to cause disaffection in the party.

At the Thursday’s briefing, Obi also appeal to various support groups or individuals or parties that received funding to support the campaign, for which they were grateful, to account to those they received it from.

He said, “Because there are some people, like support groups, there are some people even abroad who collected monies that they are going to use it in the north and everywhere. We were not stringent that everything you collect must come to us, but we want whatever is collected to be accounted for. This is why we are appealing to the public to let us know.”

Below 👇👇 👇is the

Donations from citizens (in 4 banks): ₦575,976,994.00

Donation from Peter Obi: ₦800,000,000,00

Campaign materials: ₦268,374,330.00

Media and Radio broadcasting: ₦16,422,867.00

Election Promotion: materials ₦10,808,948.00

Polling Unit agents:₦324,381,700.00

Bank charges: ₦1,750,544.00

Administrative charges: ₦477,000,00

Legal expenses: ₦744,500,000.00

Campaign and election activities ₦28,500,000.00

Balance ₦19,238,395.00

Peter Obi himself donated 800 Million Naira to the campaign.

Can you get this from any presidential candidate? If in doubt, please go and verify.

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