Shockingly, poverty is driving Nigerians insane as admissions to mental hospitals in Lagos increase by 100%


In 2023, the number of psychiatric patients admitted to the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Yaba increased by 100%.

This was disclosed by the hospital’s Chief Medical Director, Dr. Olugbenga Owoeye, at the “A Day with the Medical Director” Annual Score Card presentation in Lagos, according to Daily Trust.

According to Dr. Owoeye, there was a 7% rise in new cases overall, accompanied by a 3% rise in the number of male and female follow-up patients.

The rising incidence of mental health problems in the nation, which is exacerbated by current economic difficulties and other socioeconomic factors, was blamed for the rise in admissions.

“In 2023, the total number of all patient attendances increased by 3%. In 2022, there was no rise in new cases attended, but there was a 7% increase in 2023.

“We also have a 100 per cent increase in admission cases, with drug abuse cases showing a 10 per cent increase, while discharge cases reduced by 10 per cent.”

Dr. Owoeye emphasized the completion of the administrative building in Yaba as well as the restoration of internal roadways and drainages in the hospital’s Yaba and Oshodi annexes.

He also mentioned the refurbishment of hospital wards, Yaba and Oshodi annexe, current construction work on the Tele-Psychiatric Centre and the upgrade of the physiotherapy department, and ongoing construction of the outpatient clinic.

Despite these accomplishments, the Chief Medical Director recognised insufficient manpower and finance as the hospital’s primary challenges in 2023.

The departure of health professionals in search of greater possibilities has impacted the hospital’s manpower, prompting the creation of a mechanism for their replacement as soon as possible.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. Owoeye emphasized the importance of prioritizing staff welfare, increasing manpower development, and completing ongoing projects within the timeline.

He indicated a commitment to cautious resource management in order to address staff welfare and launch new projects in the coming year.

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