Army convoy smashes into countless women demonstrators


Over 500 women were allegedly rammed during a peaceful protest in Lafia yesterday by a team of armed military soldiers from the Nigerian Army ‘4’ Special Forces Command, Doma, in four Hilux vehicles. Many were wounded in the incident.

The demonstrators had congregated at the stadium crossroads for a prayer session following the day’s demonstrations when the tragedy occurred. Several protestors were crushed when the first Hilux vehicle carrying the officers slammed into them, according to The Guardian.

There were no casualties, but the demonstrators were reportedly assaulted and taken to the hospital in a hurry.

James Alu, the group’s leader, stated that the incident happened while the demonstrators—mostly widows and elderly women—were engaged in a nonviolent demonstration.

Our nonviolent demonstration against what we perceive as an injustice was entirely justified. Protest is allowed in democracies. The following twenty days will be occupied with this demonstration. We will continue to be calm, Alu assured.

According to one of the women who allegedly suffered injuries in the attack, she is a jobless widow with four children. She demanded that the soldiers responsible for the incident be warned by the army’s higher-ups.

Mr. Kefas Tiga, the group’s spokesman, also condemned the assault on female protestors, calling it an undemocratic act. He demanded that the relevant military authorities look into the incident and bring those responsible to justice.

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