Gov Mbah announces N25,000 cash awards to workers, increases social register enrolment to 260,000


Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah promised that the new minimum wage negotiations would soon come to an end and awarded cash prizes of between N10,000 and N25,000 to the state workers till April 2024.

According to Daily Independent, Mbah emphasised that the well-being of his employees remained the top priority of his government since a contented workforce was essential to achieving his admirable ambitions for Enugu.



In addition, Dr. Mbah declared that he would be increasing the number of people enrolled in the state social register from 43,000 to 260,000, with the goal of helping more impoverished individuals through cash transfers and other social interventions.


In order to improve the lives of Enugu State workers, the administration is also implementing additional social interventions in addition to the cash transfer, he said at a joint media conference with the state’s labour leaders at Government House, Enugu, today.


As you may know, we have been in continuous negotiations with the state’s labour unions to devise a plan for providing palliative care to our swarming workers ever since the petroleum subsidy was removed.



Therefore, when you calculate the total cost of all the social services we have offered, it will be significantly higher than the N100,000 minimum wage.


Furthermore, starting in December, we will provide a fixed salary to all types of employees, starting from the local government and continuing to primary and secondary school teachers and civil personnel. After we classify them, each group will receive a flat payment ranging from N10,000 to N25,000. That payment will be made through April.


“We anticipate that the committee examining the minimum wage will have released its recommendation for the state’s new minimum wage by the end of April. Thus, he said, “We will simply continue implementing the minimum wage that is determined at that point.”



In addition to building 260 model primary healthcare centres and 260 smart schools with accompanying teacher quarters, Governor Mbah reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to achieving a zero percent poverty headcount index by 2031. He said the state had set aside N1.5 billion for social development programmes like water and sanitation in the communities.


The state is just finishing up the update of our social registration, which is important. Our state’s social registry now has room for up to 260,000 impoverished individuals, up from 43,000 previously. We’re going to use that channel as well to engage our impoverished family members through monetary transfers,” he continued.


The governor’s proactive measures for the welfare of Enugu workers have been praised by the state chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Fabian Nwigbo, and the chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Benneth Asogwa. They expressed their happiness that Enugu workers no longer need to lobby, demonstrate, or go on strike in order to have their salaries and welfares met.


“What you said this afternoon has stunned me. The announcement is very appreciated as there was no “war-war” to obtain this. This one arrived on a golden platter. We didn’t show up screaming and yelling or pleading. You chose to greet us with this exciting news from the bottom of your heart.



In actuality, it has greatly benefited the people of Enugu State, particularly the employees that work for you. First of all, we get paid when it’s due. We are also planning a promotion for 2023. Before you could get promoted in the past, you had to wait years. Thus, as employees, we would do every effort to guarantee the success of this administration,” Nwigbo declared.


“You have made us understand today that all that you said during the election were no political promises,” Asogwa, the state head of the TUC, added. We now understand that you intended business. We are confident that the future is bright if you were able to travel this far in just a few months after becoming the governor of Enugu State.


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