UK Police probe suicide of British-born Nigerian


The death of Alanis Ogundipe, who was reportedly blackmailed by her lover Ryan Leggetts, has prompted a reconsideration of the case by British police.

Last Friday, in answer to a question from PUNCH Metro, Detective Inspector Jonny Dyer of the Great Manchester Police revealed this information.

Dyer, the case’s current handler, said that police had been in touch with the victim’s loved ones.

He responded, “I am verifying receipt of your email as requested. I’ve been corresponding with Oladapo Ogundipe as part of my examination of this study. Review is still under progress; Oladapo Ogundipe and his loved ones will be informed as soon as possible.

Alanis, aged 26, was reported to have leaped in front of a moving train at a Manchester train station on May 29.

Leggets is accused of breaking into her phone, making copies of sensitive papers, and threatening to make the information public.

Oladapo Ogundipe, Alani’s father, alleged that Leggetts made monetary demands on her after he alerted authorities to the suspicious circumstances surrounding his daughter’s murder.

“Ryan met my daughter in June of 2022, and less than a month later, he proposed to her and took her to his mother,” he stated. As CEO, I was supposed to have my firm transfer her 100,000 GBP to invest in something specific there. Ryan may have discovered this on May 13 and began demanding bank statements from her while yelling at her. She first declined, so he waited until May 28, 2023 (after learning that he would need her passport to send the money).


On May 28 at approximately 10 a.m., when she was sleeping, he used this method to get into her phone and begin using the information he stole to blackmail her. He also forced her to apologise to him, and he’s using that apologies to get her to promise, in writing, that she’ll pay off the amount she owes him under duress.

Oladapo claimed that Alanis had to contact her mother Josephine about her problems with Ryan since he did not approve of their relationship.

He explained, “On the evening of May 28, her mother travelled to Manchester to see her, and she listened in while Ryan talked to her about agreeing to his requirements. On May 29, Alanis claimed she was frightened that she would lose her social circle and then relunctantly agreed to Ryan’s payment requirements. Four hours later, she took her own life.

When asked what happened, Oladapo said he didn’t find out till after her daughter passed away. He also said that Leggetts had given him a series of clues after the fact that allowed him to access her phone without a password.

However, the grieving parent was concerned by the response he received from Great Manchester Police after sharing the information with them.

He claimed that his wife, who had overheard the conversation, was not invited and that Leggetts was not detained because the police relied only on Leggetts’ story.

On Wednesday, Oladapo informed our correspondent that the family’s evidence had been received by Dyer.


Dyer has just responded to our email asking whether he had received the material and our phone number. We’re holding our breath for his verdict,” he remarked.


Dyer has acknowledged receiving the material we supplied him and our phone number. The British Transport Police have also assured me that they will investigate the incident logs and information given on to the Great Manchester Police in connection with my daughter’s tragic death. We are awaiting the review’s conclusion.


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