Japa: 11 Nigerians aboard Ghana-bound ship nabbed


On their trip to Ghana, 11 stowaways were discovered by the patrol crew of the Nigerian Navy ship BEECROFT.

The individuals were reportedly apprehended on Tuesday at around 7pm during a routine patrol of Navy Ship BEECROFT, as stated in a statement released today by H.A Collins, the Base Information Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT.


He stated that the vessel was ordered to stop within the Lagos anchorage after the Western Regional Control Centre (WRCC) was alerted.


Initially, four stowaways were discovered in the ship’s aft hold. However, the details these people disclosed suggested that there were more stowaways on board.


A total of eleven stowaways were discovered after a thorough search and were immediately removed from the ship and placed under arrest, according to the statement.


According to the source, the illegal immigrants were turned over to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) per procedure.


The Navy has released a list of those who have been captured.


David Shedrack, age 19 (Ondo State).


Delta State native, Emmanuel Godbless, 30.


Adamawa State native, Ibrahim Hassan, 30.


Francis Solomon, 21, of Ondo State, Nigeria.


28-year-old Bolaji Johnson from Ondo State.


Bayelsa State native, Samsom Aimy, 37.


Ayefuwei Collins, age 27; he lives in the state of Delta.


Delta State native Ayo Gula, age 28.


Daniel Jolomi, 23, from the state of Ondo.


The 19-year-old Abubakar Ibrahim of Zamfara State,


Delta State native, Precious Uwalogho, 30.




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