Airlines To compensate for delayed, cancelled flights


The government has announced that it will soon issue an order requiring airlines to begin compensating customers for flight delays and cancellations that are not the result of weather or other acts of God.

In a meeting with airline executives in Abuja yesterday, Aviation and Aerospace Development Minister Festus Keyamo made this announcement.


On the subject of flight delays, I’d like to voice the frustrations of the average Nigerian, who lodges complaints about this issue on a daily basis. You’ve made your case, and I know it. You have laid the blame on the government and on some actions taken by us. However, there are times when it is not the government,” he added.


You mention waiting for passengers to clear security on several occasions. They have occasionally made it through the screening devices. After cancelling your flight, they will have to wait in the lounge for another five hours.


So, as you can see, we will begin enforcing the NCAA Act’s regulations at some point in the future. It’s true that few Nigerians are aware of the existence of delay payments. In the case of an act of God, payment is not required. However, the NCAA Act stipulates that you must pay if the incident was caused by human error. While I have lauded and supported you, airline operators, I will also stand behind Nigerians. You’re obligated to pay them. Eventually, I intend to return to solid ground. Reimburse them for any flight changes or cancellations.


Keyamo, however, strongly suggested that airlines establish reliable channels for informing passengers of flight cancellations.






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