Edo State deputy Governor locked out of his Office complex


Both the gate to the Deputy Governor’s office and the main entrance to the multi-story building were secured with chains and large padlocks.

Shaibu and his team waited around for an hour before leaving. He reportedly tried calling the Governor repeatedly but was unsuccessful.

The State Director of State Security Services, DSS and the State Commissioner of Police were reportedly informed by Shaibu of his predicament after he was locked out of his office, according to the sources.

According to rumour, Shaibu asked Government House Camp Commandant Ibrahim Babatunde (SP) why he had been barred entry to his office. He claimed that it was an order from on high, and that Government House’s Chief Security Officer, Williams Wabba, would be in a better position to elaborate.

While waiting for Wabba Williams, Shaibu allegedly called him and promised to show up.


2 thoughts on “Edo State deputy Governor locked out of his Office complex

  1. This is very disgraceful. This is what happens when these public servants and their demi-god complex are put into office think that they are overlords in their own palaces.

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