Chinese man says : I love Eba with Edikang Ikong soup


Zheng Xiapeng, a Chinese national and a chieftaincy title holder in the Nigerian states of Enugu and Anambra, has spoken out about his admiration for Nigerian traditions and cuisine.

Xiapeng told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that Nigerians are extremely welcoming and friendly in an interview on the sidelines of the ongoing International Arts and Craft Expo (INAC) in Abuja.


He recommends Eba with Edikang Ikong soup and local chicken sauce as the best examples of Nigerian cuisine.


He accepted chieftaincy titles from both Enugu State and Anambra because he loves Nigerian culture so much.


According to him, in 2018 he was named Eze Okwe of the Okwe kingdom of Ibagwa Nike in Enugu State and in 2019 he was named Onodebeze 1 of Anambra.


Nigerian food, culture, and fashion are some of my absolute favourites. It’s been eight years since I first arrived in Nigeria.


I adore China, but Nigeria is my true home. I was also honoured with the title of “Askore Nkosuo” in the Ashanti kingdom of Ghana in 2020.


I have travelled to more than 14 of Nigeria’s 36 states, including Ogun, Lagos, Kano, Ile-Ife, and many others; as a result, I’m interested in studying the Igbo and Hausa languages.


“Nigerians are warm and welcoming hosts who are also hard workers and flexible.


“Because of my deep affection for Nigeria, I am currently funding the education of 15 kids from the country. Children are the future, he said, so “later on, I will do more by giving many more children full academic scholarship.”


Xiapeng has been trying to capitalise on the similarities in Nigerian and Chinese culture, so he has hinted at future plans to further strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.


He predicted that as a result, some cultural exchange programmes would be set up to interest people from both countries.


He said, “I do not intend to depart Nigeria at the foreseeable future.”


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