Aman plans to give out prizes to encourage artistic originality.


On November 26, 2023, the Artiste Managers Association in Nigeria (AMAN) will host a ceremony to present its annual AMAN Awards at Eko Hotel and Suites on Victoria Island in Lagos.

All the glitz and glamour of an awards ceremony will be present at this year’s ceremony, which was created to recognise and inspire the many talented people working in Nigeria’s creative industries and to celebrate their achievements.

The Nigerian organisation was founded to oversee and boost the standard of living for the country’s creative class. It’s mission statement is the spring board to stardom.


According to a statement released to the press and signed by AMAN President Mr. Collins Ifeanyi Onwuneme Ajereh Enebeli (Mavin Grandpa), the organisation was founded in 1995 to represent the interests of Nigeria’s creative community.


The AMAN Awards is a gala held annually to honour those who have made significant contributions to the Nigerian creative industries and to raise international awareness of their work.


The organization’s leader has said, “The objective is to recognise, reward, and celebrate key players in the Nigerian creative industries for their numerous contributions towards the development and growth of the creative industries in Nigeria.”


He elaborated, saying, “it is to restore the confidence, dignity and interest of our young creatives who face the challenge of being influenced wrongly by western culture that is trying to erode their value for local contents.” Those who are painting the true African stories in vibrant colours will be encouraged and acknowledged.


To honour outstanding achievements in the arts and music, to give due credit where credit is due, and to boost the reputation of Nigeria and Africa on the international stage.


He emphasised that the award would encourage non-creatives to back the creative industries by fostering healthy competition in the industries and helping them grow over time. The award would also help bridge the gap between new creative talent and established industry leaders.


Awardees and nominees are chosen based on their “local and global impact,” Achievements in terms of mileage/value addition and impact on content quality, reception, adaptability, consistency, honesty, uprightness, credibility, equity, and fairness.


According to the prominent entertainment managers, the group benefits Nigeria financially by increasing tourism-related revenue in host communities through the promotion of indigenous arts, crafts and traditions.


New wave Nigerian popular music, Afro hip hop, and other genres of Nigerian music are highly sought after in the international music industry, and AMAN is helping to promote them.


The Artistes Managers Association In Nigeria (AMAN) is a nonprofit organisation whose primary mission is to improve the lives of Nigeria’s creative artists. The AMAN Awards and the AMAN Festival are two of the organization’s most visible initiatives.


Finally, AMAN Artistes Talent Development gives up-and-coming artists in Nigeria the chance to grow and develop their skills so that they can succeed on a global stage.



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