Ganduje says the APC is working to merge with other parties for the 2027 elections.


Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has alluded to a plan to attract other political parties into a merger agreement with the ruling party prior to the 2027 election in order to increase its membership and support across the country.

Ganduje made the revelation while fielding questions from journalists about the recent viral photo of former Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike’s visit to his (Gan­duje’s) Abuja residence.

While clarifying that he has not yet discussed Wike, a minister-designate, joining the party with him, the APC national chair did not rule out the possibility in the near future.

“As you know, Wike is an honourable minister-designate, so he came, we spoke because I was looking for him to congratulate him for that, and also he came to congratulate me, and we discussed that when he becomes minister fully, he will work very hard to advance the ministry he is given, and he is willing to cooperate.

“However, we did not discuss his decision to join or not join the APC. This issue will eventually arise.”

Nonetheless, he expressed hope that Wike’s eventual arrival, when it occurs, will increase the party’s support.

In addition to Wike’s decision to join the APC, Ganduje revealed that there is already a plan in place to merge some political parties with the APC prior to the 2027 general election.

“It will cer­tainly improve the chances of our par­ty, especially in 2027, and not only that, but we are also releasing a new plan to increase the party’s membership, which will include all strata of party officials, including those from the APC and other parties. I assure you that some political parties will even merge with the APC in the near future. We are conducting this activity underground.”

Ganduje, who received Plateau State’s ex-governor Simon Lalong, responded, “But the spirit of national unity does not mean the spirit of a single party in Nigeria. Spirit of national unity refers to the spirit of national competence and capacity.”

Earlier, Lalong praised the election of Ganduje as national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), noting that as the longest serving political figure in the ruling party, he possesses the experience and temperament to lead the party to victory.

“As National Chair, Ganduje served as governor. In fact, when we examine his antecedents, we always assert that he is the most experienced politician among us. “Because he was in the civil service for a very long time, he became permanent secre­tary, commissioner, longest serving deputy governor, and then governor,” he explained.

“With this level of party experience, what else do you require?” As he is now present, we have faith in him, and it is not an issue of a single individual; whenever he has the opportunity, he consults extensively, and we are always available.

“His former colleagues on the board of governors are always available for this type of work. This is why we are rallying around him to give him all the assistance he needs so that the party can also succeed.”

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