Pele leaves share of will for ‘secret daughter’, DNA test required



His will insists Maria must have a DNA test and if it proves a match, she will be given a share of the cash. Pele was married three times and ­officially has seven children.


But last year, Ms Azevedo started a paternity recognition process before the Sao Paulo State Public Defender. The Regional Court even notified Pele but the deterioration of his health prevented a DNA test.


A source said to, “Pele mentioned in his will the existence of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, who could be his daughter, and officially expressed she must receive part of his assets if the DNA test confirms the paternity. It seems Pele used the will to let his family know about the heir.”


Lawyer Augusto Miglioli, who represents three of Pele’s children, said of Maria’s claim: “The part that would be allocated to her, given the possibility that she is an heir, will necessarily be reserved.”


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