Vote buying: In Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Kebbi, and Kaduna, the EFCC seizes Voter Coupons and fabrics and makes arrests.



Agents from the Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC) have found Voter Coupons and bales of fabric that were meant to be given to voters as bribes. They have also arrested a number of people who they think were involved in buying votes.


Anti-corruption agents who were watching the governorship and state houses of assembly elections in Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Kebbi, and Kaduna arrested people with ties to buying votes.

This was said in a tweet from the agency’s official account on Twitter on Saturday.


It said that 35 bales of fabric that belonged to a chief officer of the Sokoto State House of Assembly were found by a team of agents who were in Sokoto to watch the elections.


The items have been moved to the Commission’s Sokoto Zonal Command until the investigation is over.

In the nearby state of Kebbi, in the Argungu local government area, the EFCC team was monitoring elections when they caught a suspect with a car full of fabrics and other items they thought were meant to bribe voters.


The suspect, the car, and the items were given to the Police Area Command at Argungu, where they were kept safe while the team went about their election duties.


At School Road, Unguwan Rimi Kaduna, a person who was suspected of buying votes was caught. The suspect, who at first fought against being arrested, is now in custody until the investigation is over.


Also in Kaduna, a man named Buhari Muhammed was caught by a team led by ACE II Esmond Garba in the PU 002 Dogara Yaro Dagari area. He was caught with Voter Coupons, which he said would be used to find people who voted for his party and pay them.


Also, CSE Wakilu Omokide’s team that was watching the voting around LEA Kabala Doki, Kaduna, arrested two people who were thought to have bought votes.


When they were caught, a total of N67,500 and a list of voters’ names, PVC numbers, and bank account information, among other things, were found on them.


The monitoring teams’ watchfulness also paid off in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where two women and six men were arrested at different places (Moscow Road, Elekahia Township, and Mile 2) on suspicion of trying to get voters to vote for a certain candidate.


The suspects were caught with A4 pieces of paper that had the names, phone numbers, and account numbers of people who were thought to be voters.


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