Adamu Garba of the APC says that there is no violence in Lagos



Adamu Garba, who is a leader in the All Progressives Congress (APC), says there is no violence in Lagos state.


Violence has been a big part of the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections in Lagos, as shown by videos and photos shared on social media.

During the election for president, there was also some violence in the state.


But Garba said in a tweet that he is in Lagos at the moment and can say for sure that there is no violence in the southwestern state.


He said that people who caused chaos and violence did so to help themselves.



“I’m in Lagos right now, and I can tell you that there’s no violence like the online mercenaries want you to think. It was part of their plan to cause trouble, but the people of Lagos told them NO. So, they use the Internet to show what isn’t happening on the ground. Ignore them,” he said in a tweet.



Nigerians, on the other hand, are angry about what Garba said. Here are a few of these tweets:


Oluwarotimi tweeted via @Timiglow, “People like you who benefited from the criminal structures that have ruined the future of this country wouldn’t see anything wrong with this election.” Since you’re in Lagos and haven’t seen any violence, don’t worry. May Allah give you what you wish for Nigeria.”


@Nithsmith: “The way APC ran the election in Lagos is how they will treat your children and future generations. If it was free and fair, your kids would benefit and do well, but if it wasn’t, they’d be turned away, and you’d be around to see it.


@mitcalvinmadiba: “If the election in Lagos is peaceful, as you say, may your life be peaceful. If it’s chaotic, may your life be terrible and barbaric.”


@SquareC36389923: “You are not a good Muslim, and it doesn’t surprise me that you posted this. You should realize that doing the right thing is much more important than getting a ministerial job. May God bring Nigeria to you quickly, without warning, and without any warning at all.”


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