Guber Poll: David Mark wants the will of the people to win



FORMER Senator David Mark, who is president of the Senate, has asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), security agencies, and other people involved in the election process to help stop what he called “any kind of fraud” so that the results will show what the people want.


Senator Mark was asked questions by reporters after he and his wife Helen voted in Otukpo, Benue state, on Saturday. He asked the election official, INEC, and the people in charge of security to make sure that the results reflect the votes of the voters.


In a statement released by his media adviser, Paul Mumeh, on Saturday, Senator Mark said that the process has been peaceful so far. He said that “all Nigerians want a peaceful election so that a new government can start smoothly.”

He said, “So far, the process here in my area has been smooth and orderly.” I hope that the process will go on smoothly all over the country.


The former President of the Senate also said that a free and fair election would guarantee a peaceful society, which would eventually lead to progress in the country.


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