Trump supporter dead in suspected suicide days after being arrested at Capitol Riot


A supporter of the US president who was arrested at the Capitol riot was said to have died by suicide.

A medical examiner in Fulton County, Atlanta, ruled on Tuesday that the death of Christopher Stanton Georgia was by suicide, confirming earlier reports.

The 53-year-old was also said to have suffered a “gunshot wound to the chest”, the medical examiner said.

He was found by his wife in the basement of their home in Alpharetta, Georgia, on Saturday, according to reports.

Georgia, who was said to have been a regional portfolio manager at a North Carolina bank, was arrested in Washington DC on Wednesday evening after taking part in the riot on the Capitol.

According to the Washington Examiner, he was charged with attempting to break into the US Capitol alongside supporters of the US president.

They had earlier been instructed by the president to march on the country’s legislature with “strength”.

Georgia, who pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday, was also charged with violating an evening curfew in Washington DC that was imposed after the riot.

He was said to have stayed behind, and did not disperse at a police request.

Officers were called to his home in Alpharetta on Saturday morning, having received a phone call from his wife.

According to a police report seen by the Daily Mail, she told officers there was “blood everywhere” and that “My husband is dead”.

Police were also reported to have removed two rifles from the property.

The 53 year-old’s death follows that of five others who died following Wednesday’s riot.

They included a Capitol Police officer and supporters of Donald Trump, some of whom were said to have suffered medical emergencies, while one other was shot.

The FBI said on Tuesday that more than 70 people had been arrested in relation to Wednesday’s riot, with federal prosecutors expecting “hundreds” of others.  (The Independent, UK)

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