100 fake varsity professors uncovered by NUC


National Universities Commission (NUC) has discovered about 100 fake Professors in Nigeria.
The executive secretary of the commission, Professor Abubakar Rasheed disclosed this in a latest monthly bulletin, published 18th November, 2019
He said the NUC Strategy Advisory Committee (STRADVCOM) had published, among other things, Directory of Full Professors in the Nigeria university system (NUS); Statistical Digest of the NUS 2017-2018; Refinement and modernisation of instruments for accreditation of undergraduates, postgraduates, Affiliate, Open and distance learning programmes and Institutional as well as state university Education in Nigeria 2017-2018.
According to him, “The updated version of those documents would be published by December, 2019 and that Professors in their respective universities uploaded their curricula Vitae on the website which was used in compilation of the Directory of Full Professors in the NUS and had helped in identifying fake Professors in the system.
Rsheed disclosed that a lot of anomalies were found in private universities, including issue of someone who had barely taught for two years being awarded Professorship.
The NUC boss appealed to vice chancellors to have accurate statistics of staff, students and other components in their respective universities.
Rasheed stressed that the fight against fake professors was a collective responsibility, adding that lecturers were no longer permitted to teach in more than two universities, while minimum teaching of eight hours should be enforced.
He restated that the Commission had not done any ranking of Nigerian universities, promising that it was working assidously towards creating the indices for ranking which was likely to be carried in 2020, adding that ranking of universities could hardly be ascertained with accreditation indices only, as other factors had to be included.
On the issue of professional bodies infiltrating into matters relating to academic programmes, the NUC scribe maintained that the Commission was the sole agency with the statutory mandate to accredit and assess academic programmes in the Nigerian Universities.

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