Why we deported 177 Nigerians from Jeddah – Saudi embassy


According to the Saudi Arabian Royal Embassy in Abuja, Nigerian travellers who were deported earlier this week could not meet the necessary standards to enter the kingdom.

According to Daily Trust, all 264 passengers who were airlifted to Jeddah on Sunday by Air Peace from Lagos and Kano had their visas revoked by the Saudi Arabian authorities.



87 individuals were eventually permitted to stay after the nation requested that the airline return all 264 passengers to Nigeria.


The Saudi authorities observed the passengers’ use of the Advanced Passengers Information System (APIS) during the Nigerian check-in procedures.


The deportation of Nigerian nationals at the point of entrance into the Kingdom has been reported in the media and on social media. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja would like to clarify this.


“It was discovered upon arrival that the passengers who were refused entry and subsequently deported to their original destinations did not meet the entry conditions and requirements in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Kingdom. They had provided false information in order to obtain a category of visa that does not apply to them.


The Royal Embassy would like to emphasise to all visitors how important it is to abide by the policies and laws implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Furthermore, before leaving their home countries and travelling to the Kingdom, all passengers should check that all of the documentation complies with the requirements. According to a statement from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Abuja, this procedure was open to nationals of other nations as well as Nigerians.


On Monday, the Nigerian government pledged to look into the 264 passengers’ visa cancellations.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an investigation is being conducted to determine whether any aviation or consular regulations have been broken.


The aircraft departed on Sunday night from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, travelled via Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano, and touched down at King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


However, the Saudi Arabian authorities reported that all of the passengers’ visas had been cancelled, much to the airline staff’s dismay.


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