Massive Protest On High Cost Of Living In Ghana


Saturday marked the third day of anti-government protests in Accra, Ghana’s capital, which have been linked to economic hardship and resulted in dozens of arrests.

Under the watchful eye of riot police, demonstrators marched while carrying signs and the flag of Ghana, Reuters reported. The demonstrators were protesting the country’s high cost of living and the lack of available employment opportunities.
The West African country of Ghana has been experiencing its worst economic crisis in a generation due to its escalating public debt, despite being endowed with gold, oil, and cocoa as major exports.

In Ghana, “three square meals (a day) are beyond the means of the average citizen. Romeo, 24, wore a red beret like the rest of the protesters because he is unemployed and believes the government doesn’t care about him.


Democracy Hub, the protest’s organisers, have vowed to occupy the presidential palace known as Jubilee House, but police have blocked their path there.


On the first day of the three-day action, police reported that they had arrested 49 people for unlawful assembly and violating the public order act. On Saturday, there didn’t appear to be any new arrests, and things seemed to have settled down.


Clashes with police broke out last year during demonstrations over rising prices and other economic concerns.


Although in May the government of Ghana finalised a $3 billion, three-year loan programme with the International Monetary Fund, critics have said that the authorities have done too little to assist those struggling to make ends meet during the prolonged downturn.


This year’s growth is expected to be 1.5%, down from 3.1% last year and 3.1% in 2022.


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