FCTA will pursue legal action against the owners of 100 impounded bicycles, motorcycles, and tricycles totaling 149 vehicles.


The FCTA reports that 100 impounded tricycles and motorcycles in the FCT will have their owners appear before a mobile court for various traffic offences.

After inspecting the impounded vehicles on Friday in Abuja, FCTA Directorate of Road Traffic Services Director Dr. Abdulateef Bello made the following statement.

After visiting several VIO Commands where impounded cars, tricycles, and motorcycles were being held, Bello vowed that the owners would be “made to pay for their sins.”

Some of the violations he listed were illegal motor parking, parking in no parking zones, driving against traffic, not having taxis registered, and not having taxis painted.

It’s cheaper to be on the right side of the law and do the right thing by following the rules.

We’ve asked delivery drivers to sign up and stick to designated routes and parking lots rather than using the roads as they please.

We’ve also informed the tricycle drivers that they must stick to the previously mapped out roadway.

“They’re not allowed in the city. “They’re meant to ferry people on their way to estates and outlying city boroughs,” he explained.

He stated that the traffic laws had been examined and that fines would also be increased.

The penalties for traffic offenders brought before the mobile court, he predicted, would be severe, but he was confident that the courts would serve as a deterrent.

The director stated that current road traffic policies on traffic management were being reviewed in conjunction with the Transport Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

He thinks this will lead to more efficient control over traffic flow on the roads.

He said the directorate would keep fighting illegally operating unregistered vehicles until the Abuja Mass Transit was up and running to meet the needs of commuters.

This, he explained, was due to the law of supply and demand, but he was confident that the situation would improve soon. (NAN)

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