Breaking News : Bandits kidnap more than 24 University students



Channels TV reports that a student at the school, who requested anonymity for safety reasons, said that more than 24 female classmates were abducted during the attack.

Nazeer Sabon-Gida, a local resident, confirmed that gunmen invaded the neighbourhood at 3 a.m. and began firing randomly.


He claims that three student dormitories were attacked and that all of the students inside were kidnapped.


He claimed that the attackers had entered the city at 3 in the morning and begun firing randomly.


We don’t know how many students were taken because bandits broke into three dorms and took everyone there hostage. It’s hard to put a number on how many there are right now.


Despite reportedly being involved in a fierce gun battle with troops of the Nigerian Army, another source claims that the bandits managed to escape with the kidnapped victims.


He explained that the bandits split into two groups, with one group moving with the kidnapped victims while the other stayed behind to protect the first. “They were seriously engaged with the army troops, but the way these bandits operate, they will divide themselves into two,” he said.


While the second group was having a gunfight with the army, the first group had left with the students.


Some university students in June demonstrated against the abduction of fellow students in Sabon-Gida and Damba.


Sabon-Gida is a small town located roughly 20 kilometres from Gusau, the state capital. It is located directly across the street from the main campus of the Federal University of Gusau.


The school administration could not be reached for comment because their spokesperson, Umar Usman, did not return our correspondent’s calls.


The state police department has also been silent about the most recent attack.


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