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Pete Edochie’s son: Why we hated our fathers


Uche, one of the sons of legendary Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie, while celebrating his father who turns a year older today has revealed why children of the 70s and 80s loathed their fathers.


As the famous thespian turns 76 today, Uche noted that “the generation of no-nonsense men are a dying breed because society won’t let them be.”

While congratulating his father, he added, “Thanks for kicking my ass dad when you had to.”


Taking to his Instagram account, he said, “A very happy birthday to my dad who turns 76 today. One of the highlights of my life has been watching my parents grow old just so that I still get to tell them how amazing they are and how much I love them.


“Isn’t it funny how we felt the exact opposite way when we were growing up? Back then we hated our dads because they wouldn’t let us endanger our lives and careers in the name of having fun. We thought they were the problem. And then we grew up and realized that we were the problem and we needed our asses kicked. Thanks for kicking my ass dad when you had to. I am glad I grew up in the seventies and eighties and had a solid father like you to raise me.


“The generation of no-nonsense men are a dying breed because society won’t let them be. Teach a kid how to be a man and modern society screams ‘toxic masculinity’. I can’t even imagine coming home as a teenager back in the day and telling my parents that I have changed my pronouns and I now identify as a cockroach. My dad would have smacked the cockroach out of me. And that my friends is good parenting, even though you can go to jail today for doing so.”(sic)


He further told the world that his father is his best friend stating, “Anyway please join me in wishing my dad Mr Pete Edochie a very happy birthday. Did I also tell you he is one of my best friends? Yep. He is an amazing guy and understands me better than most. Thanks for everything pops. You are the best father a man can wish for. I love you and I hope you have a super wonderful day.”

(Daily Trust)

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